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Annie Chase Jones said:   June 12, 2016 11:30 am PST
We got our beloved Humphrey from Deb on June 10th! Humphrey is 8 weeks old and is the sweetest little boy. He is funny, loving, playful, handsome and so affectionate. All of these wonderful traits are entirely due to Deb and what an amazing breeder and human being she is. She loves all of her dogs so much - they are like her kids. You will not find a better breeder - she is 100% the best. Incredibly conscientious, dedicated and honest. She is so knowledgeable and when you arrive to pick up your pup she has a welcome gift bag full of every last thing you need for your pup and every last question answered. We feel so incredibly lucky to have found her and her wonderful dogs. Thank you, Deb! You've made a friend for life in us!

Sarah Miller said:   April 10, 2015 6:45 am PST
I purchased a male pup from Deb in March of 2015. He's the cutest little guy with a great temperament and is super friendly! It's very evident how much Deb loves and cares about her puppies, even after they go home too. I really could not have asked for a better puppy and I'm so happy to have "Levi" for many more years to come!

Jeff said:   April 8, 2015 1:21 pm PST
Our two Tharp's Bostons are the sweetest, best behaved, and most affectionate little boys ever. We love them with all our hearts. I simply do not know what my wife and I would do without them. We protect, and care for the two as if they were our children; and they surely know how loved they are. Of course, they also are sure that anyone who visits our house or delivers a package is there specifically to see them, and they welcome and kiss the person accordingly! They particularly love when our three young grandchildren or our two 8-year-old grandpuppies visit. On walks, people stop to pet the boys because they are so cute with their friendly wiggle greetings. Our lives would not be complete without these two little guys. Thank you, Deb, from the bottoms of our hearts. They are real treasures.

Diane Smith said:   April 8, 2015 10:45 am PST
Our beloved Fenway and Simon, both Tharp dogs, had their fourth birthdays yesterday. Having been born only six hours apart, they are sure they are littermates and brothers, but really are cousins (but I won't tell). They are the most loving, obedient, smart, cute, and healthy dogs anyone could ever want. When we lose them some day, if Deb is still breeding, I will go out of my way to get another one or two of her puppies! Deb is a wonderfully conscientious and reliable breeder, not to mention a very sweet person and friend to all her puppies' adoptive parents. Thank you, Deb, for breeding the two littlest loves of our lives!

Christine & Joe said:   April 26, 2013 7:48 am PST
We purchased a male puppy from Tharps Dec 2012 and he is just the epitome of what a Boston Terrier should be! He's smart, lively, full of personality and very affectionate. His little face is so full of expression that everywhere he goes, people fall in love with him! We're so happy to have added "Bennie" to our family.

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